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Nordinia is a new and exclusive travel concept for “slow” and unconventional tourism that intends to create a direct link between the Nordic countries and Ogliastra (Sardinia). The Slow tourism is quality tourism that allows guests to experience the territory by the same emotional level of Sardinian native people, discovering landscape, art and history, culture, traditions and local products with care and respect. The slowness becomes the keyword to recharge from everyday stress, a new travel philosophy that can be applied in any season. But above all, the slowness makes looking it all with different eyes, revealing unexpected details hidden to tourists in rush. And even the most notorious places become amazing!

The heart of the company is formed by Giovanni and Martina:
Giovanni can boast a strong experience in hospitality and restaurants, as well as a solid entrepreneurial attitude and a precise structural organization, while Martina undertook an academic and artistic career, with preferences for foreign languages, the costume and entertainment. Their personalities mirror and are mirrored perfectly in the traditional excellences of Sardinia, in calm yet proud and confident personality of its landscapes and the typical cordiality and calm good nature of its inhabitants.

“With a passion for both our beloved luscious native Mediterranean island and the Scandinavian country we’d like to offer to travelers and tourists from the Nordic countries the opportunity to visit Sardinia and particularly Ogliastra in a completely original and innovative yet authentic way, in respecting traditions and pace of life, concentrating our travel ideas in gourmet tours, archaeological and artistic tours in the usually defined “off-season” time (from September to May), in our opinion defined in a too superficial and discriminatory way, because there are numerous cultural activities and folk events and anniversaries all-year-around.”

All tours have particular focus on the so-called “Blue Zone” that Sardinia is awarded, the one and only region in Italy and Europe to hold the primacy of superior oxygen emissions than CO2 in the air: along with the quality of life and the nature of the island, it is probably one of the most important factors that contributed to the record of longevity and especially in Ogliastra where it has long observed an exceptional men’s longevity.
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All tours are based exclusively on qualified facilities, local partners and custom-tailored services to meet every kind of need.


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