Discover Sardinia

Welcome to Ogliastra

Beautiful landscapes, impressive ancient monuments and archaeological sites, delicious food and wine, amazing events and festivals, but also plenty of relaxation and slow pace of life are here waiting for you.
Are you looking for a place where you can not only relax on beaches in dream colours and by personalized wellness treatments, but also discover the magical vitality of traditions rooted in time, enjoy simple yet tasty typical homemade food, explore natural wonders as well as participate in dynamic tours and sports activities? Here is your final destination.
You can find it all in Sardinia, as well as the renowned warm hospitality of an island that is “almost a continent“.


A relaxing travel solution, designed specifically for families with children and single parents. Includes barneklubb service and personalized wellness treatments.


Food and Wine Tour

A travel solution designed to delight your taste, which includes visits to the workshops of the most traditional dishes with local food and wine tasting.


Nuragic Trekking Tour

A travel solution for a full-immersion in the past nuragic history of the island, discovering ancient mysteries surrounding monuments and buildings still object of archaeological studies and increasingly numerous updates. Includes visits to archaeological sites and participating in trekking excursions.